Have you ever tried this?


The following is not recommended for novice divers:

At the end of a dive and before ascending, lie flat on your back on the ocean floor. 

Remove your regulator and make an O shape with your lips, exhale from down deep in your lungs-

If done properly, it will spin up to the surface, expanding to the size of a perfectly round hula hoop. The sunlight reelects through the spinning swirl of air, illuminating bright silver in color…..it’s very cool!

Until the next,  not so important tidbit of useless information…….the scuba lady……


About thescubalady

Leslie made her first ocean dive in the Cayman Islands,1982. She is passionate about sharing this beautiful underwater world with others!
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One Response to Have you ever tried this?

  1. Amanda says:

    are you kidding me? Sleep underwater?? Hotels? Restaurants? what a concept!!

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