Effortless Freedom!

There is nothing like the feeling of freedom of your first dive in warm, clear, tropical water. You swoop effortlessly through the water, not held back by the need to return to the surface. Even your scuba equipment, so heavy and cumbersome on land, loses its weight and doesn’t impede your movement.

Scuba diving is one of the greatest outdoor water sports in your daily life. It is almost like discovering a whole new world or planet. Once you learn, Scuba diving can become incredibly addictive because there are endless dive sites around the globe offering you vastly different environments. Every dive truly opens your eyes to the microcosms that exist despite us, and how our awareness of our interconnectivity to them is critical to the survival and health of the undersea world.

Let’s go diving soon!


About thescubalady

Leslie made her first ocean dive in the Cayman Islands,1982. She is passionate about sharing this beautiful underwater world with others!
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