Wakatobi Resort off the Southeast tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia



Wakatobi Resort is located off the Southeast tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Wakatobi offers the healthiest coral reefs we have ever seen! Divers who visit here are amazed when they are treated to their first dive on the “house reef”. Just a few feet from the resort is a spectacular wall bursting with color and life – making the unlimited shore diving both an easy and unforgettable experience. With dozens of sites accessible just minutes away by boat, the biodiversity of the area is astounding.

Wakatobi’s walls, sea mounts, and shallow reefs possess a seemingly endless array of hard and soft corral species. Aside from the schools of tropical reef fish, you will see dozens of unusual creatures, such as the pigmy seahorse (which measure about 1/8 inch in height), hundreds of multi-colored nudibranchs, lion fish, leaf fish and scorpion fish – all common on every dive. Wakatobi is now easy to get to with a direct charter flight from Bali.

The resort is very intimate and accommodates a very small number of guests. The private bungalows are decorated in casual elegance, ideally located on a beautiful white sand beach. Although one of the world’s most remote resorts, Wakatobi Dive Resort offers all the usual western amenities; hot and cold fresh water throughout the property, 24-hour electricity, satellite communications, in-room LAN ports with 24 hour internet access, and more. The team of gourmet chefs creates wonderful local and international cuisine and the service is stellar.

The country of Indonesia is made up of over 18,000 islands, spanning an area greater than that of the United States. Indonesia holds an undeniably unique charm. The people are gentle and lovely — the landscape simply breathtaking. Best of all, Indonesia is easy to get to with a direct flight from Singapore, and is inexpensive once you are there. Join us to this fabulous destination and see for yourself!


About thescubalady

Leslie made her first ocean dive in the Cayman Islands,1982. She is passionate about sharing this beautiful underwater world with others!
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  1. i have been there it is a nice ….have you seen manta….wow….that is awesome

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