Scuba Diving from Catamarans


The demand for catamarans has increased over the last few years for good reason. They are wonderful boats for families and friends. They offer so much more space, comfort and privacy. The stability is appreciated by everyone, especially those prone to seasickness. And for those who think they are giving up some of the thrill of putting the rail to the wave, the speed of a catamaran should give you some excitement. The shallow draft allows you access to many private beaches and coves other boats cannot enjoy.

Cat 2

What is required to charter a catamaran?

You must have a reasonable amount of sailing experience on similar sized boats. You will be asked to fill out a sailing resume. Sailing School Certificates are helpful, but hands-on experience is more important. If there is any question about your skills during your briefing a captain will go out with you for a while to determine your bareboat ability and comfort level.


Sailing your own yacht in the British Virgin Islands or any other locations throughout the Caribbean is like no other vacation. Many who have experienced this wonderful trip come back time and again. You get up when you want to, sail where you want to, swim, dive, snorkel, eat, sleep, drink, beach comb, you name it, when and where you want to.

cat 5

The weather changes very little from one season to the next, always around the 80’s during the day. The evenings usually cool down with a nice breeze, an occasional shower in the 70’s. The water is always warm and crystal clear.


You will discover a placid, turquoise paradise stretching as far as the eye can see with unimaginable graduations of color. You will dive into diverse marine life around reef systems that are kept healthy by the continuous enrichment. Topside you will find many uninhabited low islands with beautiful beaches on which to play, explore, and relax.

Cat 3


About thescubalady

Leslie made her first ocean dive in the Cayman Islands,1982. She is passionate about sharing this beautiful underwater world with others!
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3 Responses to Scuba Diving from Catamarans

  1. Hello,
    for diving enthusiasts come for a ride in the Gulf of Morbihan in France!

  2. Catamarans are awesome! Down here in FL it always seems like a smoother ride, not like there are any big waves on the gulf side or anything…lol

    The pictures are beautiful and the vacation sounds amazing! I cant wait until I have the opportunity to charter something like that, or learn to do it myself.

    Have a great day!


  3. With Luck says:

    OOooo it seems I really need to consider diving from a catamaran next time! Diving is a relatively new hobby for me. I just recently got my advanced open water in Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef and I got horribly seasick on the way out!

    See my experience in poetic form:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences! πŸ˜€

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